LinkSys Media Centre Extenders Arrive in the UK

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Vista powered homes here in the UK are finally set to get a taste of Extenders for Media Centre, letting them stream live TV and myriad movies, photos and tunes to multiple boobtubes.

Using a LinkSys box and a standard Ethernet connection, you'll be able to get up to six streams of whatever you've got stashed away on Media Centre, whether its in XviD, Avi or DivX.

When we had a play last week though, the Big M told us this would be too much your wireless network which can support four streams not six.

The idea behind Extenders is simple: you can start watching telly in one place, pause it, go to another screen and fire it up where you left off.

There's support for up to four tuners, which you can connect using USB. Best of all, you can check out full HD, so if you've got hi-def movies on your PC, you can stream them easy as you like.

There are two boxes to choose from: the DMA 2200 with DVD drive and one without, the DMA 2100. Both pack HDMI, dual-band Wireless N with a SCART socket in the DMA 2200.

They'll set you back £229 and £199 respectively and are yours from 3rd December.

Source: T3

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