LG ST600 Smart TV

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Web content seems to be a done thing with most new tellys having some sort of internet based content whether it be YouTube, LoveFilm or on-demand TV shows. What do you do if you have an older model TV and don’t want to fork out £400+ for a new one. Well LG has come up with the ST600 “Smart TV”. In similar fashion to Apple TV or the Boxee set-top box. This could be what you’re looking for to make your old TV a media hub.


What it will give you is all of LGs “premium online content” (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Picassa) that all it’s new line of TVs have currently got, plus it’s Smart Share capabilities and the full range of “LG Apps”(Yoga Trainer, First Aid App, Horoscope App to name a few). There’s also a web browser too for all your surfing needs. The Smart TV also has DLNA connectivity so it’ll stream your media from other DLNA certified gadgets but also it has a USB port for you to plug in some external storage with your media on too so all in all it doubles up as a media player.



  • Main CPU: BCM7615
  • DDR 384MB, 1GB Flash
  • LG Add-on Architecture + Web Browser
  • AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, DLNA (DMP)
  • USB: 1EA (USB mouse, external storage)
  • Input Devices: Finger Touch RCU
  • Premium Content
  • LG Apps
  • 11cm x 11cm

Although we have no prices confirmed from LG we should hopefully see this on our shelves in the second quarter of the year.


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