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LG’s first told us about its new SL9000 a few months back now we have it here in Blighty the information is here for you. As were still waiting for OLED to break the 15” barrier LED is the next best thing inn television.


The super-slim edge to edge screen uses LED’s to backlight the screen. As LED’s are small this allows the screen to be super thin. Also they use a lot less power than a standard LCD TV, but the most important point is the clarity and depth it adds to the screen in comparison to an LCD or Plasma.


At a mere 3cm thin, it sports 4HDMI ports aswell as all the standard component and PC slots. However due to how thin the screen actually is and the fact the ports are on the back and not on the side of the panel, wall mounting this baby will require a dab DIY hand!


Prices start at £1000 for a 42” and £1500 for a “47, LG have however said this is the start of the series and it will soon come in smaller flavours which if you don’t have the space or the money for a mammoth screen, you can pick a smaller one up soon.


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