LG set to launch 34-inch curved QHD monitor

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Curved displays are clearly the new trend this year a with Samsung being the main company pushing them, but other companies such as Asus and now LG are also jumping on board. Unlike Samsungs offerings this is aimed at the computer market which I think is a better use for a curved display. Living room TVs tend to be used by multiple people at the same time so a curved display is not ideal, but with a super wide curved monitor you could feel really immersed in your gaming.

The LG 34UC97 is set to be launched at IFA 2014 next month and is a 34-inch QHD (3440 x 1440 pixels) LED display, 2 inches bigger than the display Asus announced.

It's compatible with both PC and Mac, supports Thunderbolt 2 connection, has a 7W speaker system onboard and promises the ability to easily handle heavy graphics and videos. As a plus for those who need a really large screen space, several of these assemble quite nicely into a large, curved multi-monitor set-up.

No word on pricing or release date, but you can expect it to cost more than most people can afford.


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