LG and Samsung announce bend on command TVs

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Not content with releasing a boring curved TV both Samsung and LG have announced TVs that bend on command. While it is not 100% clear what the point of these are, I guess the are good for families that have people that cant decide on whether they prefer the curved style or flat style, I also suspect the flat option is better for multiple people watching TV at the same time, while the curved maybe better for individuals.

The Samsung version is a 4k 85-inch curved TV which we believe is LED and not OLED. Apart from that there is not much information on it, it does not look like there are any initial plans to release it, but it could be the sign of future fully bendable TVs.


The LG TV is only a 77-inch model, also running at 4k but this time it uses OLED. Appartnely the bending mechanism of this TV is much more slender and LG claim it is “water and gears” that makes it work. This one is apparently arriving in the US for the start of 2015 and LG have been working on it for the past year and a half. It currently moves 7.5cm to bend making it 8cm narrower, and the user can select how much bend they want. LG also say the TV could bend further but they wont say by how much.



Image Sources : Cnet, Pocket-Lint

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