LG OLED TV : Out this Month

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The LG OLED TV has been doing the rounds at tradeshows and on blogs the world over for a good year or so now but now us Brits can expect a release of the super sharp but small TV anytime soon. Now we can finally get our hands (well if you happen to be well-off) on a bigger rival to the Sony XEL-1 which was the only OLED screen available.


At 15” you may think this is relatively small in comparison to a 50” plasma or LCD but the quality is far beyond that of either of the older techs which if you have a mobile or PMP that utilises OLED technology you may have noticed the difference between it and its LCD counterpart. The output is a good 720p and will have Freeview inside. It also has a USB port and will playback any of your movie files including DivX HD. To top all that off though is the best part ………… It’s only 3.2mm thick.


No exact date has been posted by the South Koreans for us though but expect real soon. Also price details are a bit hazy too but you’ll be looking at around £1500. A lot you might say for a 15” screen. Unfortunately OLED screens aren’t cheap to make but when it’s only competition is the Sony XEL-1 which is a few inches smaller but £3000, it doesn’t seem too bad.


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  1. This TV “looks” incredible and probably performs amazingly well too. But 1500 for a 15 inch TV? A bit out of my budget for what is effectively a portable tv!


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