LG LU2300 : LG first “Snapdragon” Android phone

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Rumoured for the past month or so and with the success of the GW620 In Touch Max(LG’s first Android phone, review coming soon) LG has announced its next Android phone only this time they’re powering up with Qualcomm’s speed friendly Snapdragon 1GHz chip.


The news comes that the phone will appear in its native South Korea in the next month and Android France has leaked the rest of the specs on the phone. It will supposedly be packing a lovely 3.5” AMOLED capacitive touchscreen capable of a super sharp 800×480 resolution. It will also have a 5MP camera, GPS and Wi-Fi plus apparently a digital TV Tuner(promising….) Android France have also stated it will be packing the latest Android, 2.1. The success of the GW620’s physical keyboard appears to have followed to the LU2300, let’s hope it’s as good.


It seems to be the norm now for the latest Android phones to be powered by the “dragon” so obviously LG is getting in with the crowd and is looking to improve on its previous Android releases which will only be a good thing. No release or price news yet so watch this space.


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