LG LD950 : Passive 3DTV launching sooner

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Originally the LG LD950 3DTV was scheduled to be released in August but now it has been brought forward allowing consumers to get a chance to snap up some 3D tech at a cheaper price(due to it being a passive 3DTV). For anyone who didn’t know this TV was originally scheduled for release, then withdrawn from LGs product line only to re-emerge again.


With the recent Sky 3D pub showings of the football recently on LGs LD920(the commercial model for LG to show off its tech) has now been upgraded to the LD950 model number as it will now have HDMI 1.4. This was needed due to the fact future 3D sources like Blu-Ray players will use this new HDMI 1.4 as its standard so the TVs needed an update so they could then be on open sale(hence the delay/re-branding).


Now this new model should be available in May time and will come out alongside the monstrous LG LX9900(the first 3DTV available with Active technology). Now for those not in the know its all to do with the type of glasses you wear and the science involved to view the image, Active being better than Passive for the image quality but Passive specs are a lot cheaper to produce. Price details are still not available.

LG LD950 3D TV

2 thoughts on “LG LD950 : Passive 3DTV launching sooner”

  1. Will be interested to see just how well 3D TV takes off, if the prices aren’t much more than a standard TV I suppose lots of people will be tempted.

  2. It seems clear that all the manufacturers are gearing up for a 3D TV land grab as they all seem to be rushing their products out as soon as possible. Can only be a good thing for the consumer, with the high level of competition, the prices should come down quite quickly.


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