Three now lets you use your calls, data and text in the USA

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Three created its Feel At Home offer a while ago, where Three customers can use their contract minutes, data and texts in selected countries. Well today it just got a whole lot better with the USA being added to the list.

On top of the USA, Three also added Sri Lanka and Macau, and the other countries already on the list include: Republic of Ireland, Australia, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark.

The perk doesn't require a specific plan, and customers can roam on any compatible network in a Free At Home country. There are a few catches, of course: calls to non-UK numbers still incur roaming fees, and tethering is not allowed.

Three have continued to improve their offers over the past 12 months including making 4g available to all users at no extra costs. This arguably makes them the best network in the UK at the moment.

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