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©Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Thinkstock
©Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Thinkstock

Mobile phone and sometimes called the handset have grown to become the most important, most used and a must-have gadget. It gives the owner the ability to perform many tasks just with a single set of a mobile phone. The internet has also been one of the major tools that has led to the growth of the use of these gadgets all over the world.

Customization of the mobile phone sites

Websites used mostly by mobile phones can be modified and made efficient in their storage capacities. Due to enormous use of mobile phones for surfing the internet because they are highly portable and can be even faster in browsing. These sites require much more space that it will be used to hold the data used when people use the internet on their mobile phones.

At most times, websites designed for mobile phones must be flexible in that they can change automatically to fit any of the screen sizes or resolution of the phones. In most cases other sites that are not flexible when being browsed on the phone will appear with both the horizontal and the vertical scrolling bar which will be more hectic to the mobile users and sometimes cannot be visited by some other phones especially the older Symbian operating systems, sometimes the buttons appear to be too small for even the eye to see and may require one to magnify the page first and browse for the button to be clicked. This may lead to the use of more and more mobile data hence much more expensive to those who cannot access Wi-Fi connections. This can also lead to dragging of pages due to loading of much more data on the mobile screen hence takes much more time to load a single page. Phone sites should only appear with the vertical scrolling bar and not the horizontal. If only the vertical bar appears when a site is visited in any of the phones, then that site has been activated with the flexible property hence the site will be easier to be visited by any type of mobile devices. This property can be a great influence in the increase of the use of the mobile sites that provide good services.

The companies’ should be in a position to provide all services that a full browser like the ones used in computers provide. In this way, people will also substitute the use of mobile devices with the computers.

The companies should also look into consideration the hosting fee and also the domain fee of the websites they host. They should be able to provide a much cheaper fee or even host for free. Their domain should be cheaper, all these is supposed to be possible due to many people shifting from the use of the larger devices like the computers to the use of the mobile phones which looks much more easier. This will enable these companies get more and more customers who would like to make sites that will be used mostly by the mobile users. Website designs by 1&1 are affordable and easy to operate.

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