Killing Games Sweep the Internet (FPS/Action/War/Fighting)

Gaming is not a new phenomenon. Gameplay over the internet is continuously growing in popularity, with a rise in quests and war-type, fighting games. Players get drawn into various levels and stages of online play, gaining awards that help them to fight harder and last longer in the battle.

Famous franchises like Call of Duty have revolutionized the world of shooting games, while other animated entertainment companies bring you less realistic forms of battle.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Various methods to kill and injure others feature in a collection of games available on Fizgames. From knives and guns to spears and picks; you need to choose your weapon of choice and go forth and conquer.

There is an upset granny with a hammer or a dark ninja who sneaks up behind you in stealth mode. There are several avenues to explore if killing games are your choice of entertainment.

Plot your revenge and pick your battles against enemies. You can choose to go on a killing rampage and get everyone until you are the last man standing.

The Rush

Most gamers enjoy the adrenaline rush they get when they successfully plough their way through enemies online – playing it safe with traditional, non-strategical games cause players to lose interest quickly.

Online play, packed with action and killing, doesn’t necessarily equate to gamers being violent individuals. Research identifies that individual players feel a sense of accomplishment and a rush of energy when they engage in gameplay involving killing.

Release Your Frustration

Players can let out their frustration in a controlled and safe environment in the world of gaming. Individuals who choose to be entertained with less violent games can browse the collection of other genre’s Fizgames has to offer. Adventure games take you through medieval times, exploring caves and myths.

Sports and racing games are available for gamers who are competitive and want to put their skills to the test. For the heavy thinkers, brain games that require strategic thinking are available too.

Different types of gaming invite people from all walks of like to escape. Here are some of the categories of gaming you can find on Fizgames:

  • Children’s games
  • Action
  • Racing
  • Sports
  • Strategy
  • Board games

Share Your Opinion

Gamers are encouraged to share their views on games by posting comments about their experience. You can see how others rate games and comment if you wish to. The world of Fizgames is freely available to anyone with an internet connection, and games are free to download at your leisure.


The world of gaming is a booming industry that keeps growing. Both internet gaming, as well as popular consoles like Microsoft’s X-Box and Sony’s Play Station, are keeping nations around the world entertained.

Individuals, both young and old, enjoy escaping into the world of gaming. Whatever your choices or preferences are, you can slip into a world that doesn’t exist for a while without any significant consequences.

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