Kidigi Nexus 6P Desktop Charging Dock Review

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This is a mini review for the Kidigi Nexus 6P Desktop Charging Dock that was kindly supplied by

As the title suggest this is a dock for your Nexus 6P, it comes without a power supply so you will have to plug it into your PC USB or into a USB plug. The mount is reasonably well made, and has a weighty feel to it, so you don’t feel like your phone will fall over when mounted.

Probably the best feature about it is the adjustable USB-C connector as well as having quite a long USB socket itself. This means it comfortably mounts my Nexus 6P even though it has a Spigen Rugged Armor case on it.

The input specification is 5.0V / 2.0A (Maximum) so it does not work with the fast charging feature on the 6P.

Overall this is a handy mount, it makes it easy to see any notifications on my phone as they arrive.

You can buy it now from for £24.99

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