If you want to communicate with your target audience you need to be able to get your message out there. It has to be precise and convey a compelling reason for people to take notice of what you’re trying to say. Nothing does this quite as well as an outdoor big LED screen and in this post, we’re going to take a deep dive into the advantages of using this medium to get strong business results.

Size matters

When choosing the right visual LED screen it is important to remember size matters. If you’re trying to engage people at a shopping mall or a festival you need to be able to ensure that your LED screen can’t be missed.

As such, the bigger the better is the rule. Once setup you can get your message out to a large number of people. If you consider that at a large gathering of people you have to be competitive to win attention, then it becomes clear that you need a strong marketing message and strong means of delivery. Your LED screen is that means of delivery.

Leverage Human Nature

Once your big LED screen is blasting out messages it is sure to catch the eye. In between events or waiting for a significant other to come out of a shop or simply sitting in traffic, we humans will look at the screen while waiting. We are drawn to it, just think about how many times people check the small screen i.e. their phone. This aspect of human nature can be used to your advantage.

If possible the messages shown should be relevant to the audience. Maybe stores in a shopping mall could advertise their products and brand. At a music event perhaps an ad for musical instruments. While sitting in traffic ads from TV companies could show especially if the advertised programmes were on that night.

If you consider that most online retailers believe they need six interactions with a person before they make a sale, you can count looking at the big screen as one interaction. You can put your brand in the minds of future customers, viewers, and clients.

Relaying News and Information

As well as displaying ads LED screens can show news and information. Often, concerts and other big events you may notice they talk about where facilities are or how to get to them. They can show all kinds of news. Investor news is popular near Wall Street for example. If you were approaching an airport flight information could be displayed.

The uses for an outdoor LED screen is far reaching and in many ways only limited by imagination.

Easy to Install

Another advantage of LED screens is that they are easy to install and get up and running. They come in a modular format which is easy to install. They can be bulky, however, so if you are setting them up yourself you should consider getting help. More than one pair of hands will be invaluable.

The screens are easy to connect and intuitive to use. Content is controlled via wireless inputs.

Most LED screens are also installed at height. If this is the case you should talk to professional teams to install it properly and you should also ensure that you secure any permissions needed to use the screen. It is best practice to check with local authorities to clarify what these are.

Getting an Edge

As a retailer, you can utilise visual LED screens to get customers into your store. Not only can you display your product range but you can advertise special offers, where people can find your store, opening hours which is very handy if you stay open late on some days, and extras such as loyalty schemes.

Built for the Weather

The better big outdoor LED screens are built for the weather. Completely waterproof they can survive a downpour and should the day be bathed in hot sun they can decapitate the heat. This makes them ideal for any kind of outdoor gig whether it be at a busy road intersection, a festival, an outdoor fate, or outside a shopping mall.

Final Thoughts on Visual LED Screens

The age of the static billboard is coming to a close. They are becoming old news. Just showing a static image and headline is simply not holding attention or cutting through the clutter of mobile phones, noise, and daily life. The simple fact is that unless an image is moving the best you can hope for with a static billboard is a cursory glance. You cannot count this as an interaction.

With an outdoor big LED screen, however, then the game changes. The moving images command our attention and we take in what we see. Providing your message is clear and provocative you can demand the attention of customers and clients, and make a real difference to your bottom line.

Leverage the power of an outdoor LED screen today. You won’t regret it.

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