Keeping with Freeview HD : 3View Box

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Again we have a new set top box here for you, that when released we can all bask in the glory of HD without the need for a Sky or cable subscription. Obviously Freesat is available and quite tempting with thinks like BBC iPlayer and ITV player but unless you’ve got the know how to install the dish, you’re stumping up the cash for that and either your integrated tv or box aswell.


3View have come with this great little box that with dual tuners will be able to snap up that HD signal and also with a built in 320GB HDD you’ll be able to record all your favourite shows. Not only that the 3View box can connect to the internet, use BBC iPlayer, Twitter, Facebook etc and any other web page. The big thing it will do that most wont is have access to HULU when it gets released in the UK giving you more access to web based TV. If you think this might be hard on a remote, no worries a keyboard and mouse will be available.


No price details as of yet but 3View are looking at a release of March.


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