Kayak Office Tour in Berlin

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As part of my recent trip with Kayak to Berlin for the Tech Open Air event, I was show around their lovely offices to see how the Kayak team work and play.

As is common now with Web companies, there is a strong focus on keeping the staff happy, the whole environment is laid back, no managers offices and a strong sense of community spirit.

Some of the perks Kayak staff get to enjoy is free food with a focus on trying to be healthy, games rooms with ping pong, table football, and another room with a PS4 and TV.

Every week they have a massage therapist come in to do free massages for those that need it, and they have regular nights out that range from your typical food and booze style night out to healthier sports orientated events.

The building itself is amazing and very typical Berlin style. It is an old factory that looks run down on the outside and then an amazing space inside, with an even more impressive roof terrace where I am sure they have some great BBQs.

I have to say I am quite jealous of the Kayak staff. I spend all day sat in my less than impressive home office by myself!


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