Jays a-Jays three in-ear headphones review

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Jays a-Jays are a reasonably priced pair of in-ear headphones that are currently available from Mobilefun.co.uk for a reasonable £39.99 and come with a better than average 2-year warranty.


For the price these are some of the best package headphones we have tried, they come in a sleek soft feel plastic box, come with 5 sets of tips, a headphone splitter, a flight adapter and a small carry case. The earphones themselves are matt black and they have opted for a flat rubber cable, giving them a very premium look, and hopefully some resilience from tangling. The actual head of the earphones themselves seem quite light, which seems to avoid them falling out of your ear too much. The overall build quality appears to be excellent.


Overall the performance of the a-Jays is not disappointing at all. There is a decent amount of low end, probably slightly less than our current favourite affordable earphones, the SoundMAGIC E10. The mid-range is well reproduced and vocals are nice and clear. The highs are probably a bit of a weak spot but there seems to be a good amount of detail for most genres. Overall these are well within the same league as other headphones we have loved within the same price range.


These are a solid pair of in-hear headphones, they are priced well, and perform just as well as other well reviewed in this price range. The packaging, build quality, and 2-year warranty help differentiate them positively from the excellent SoundMAGIC E10 that we have reviewed in the past.

You can buy them today from Mobilefun.co.uk for £39.99

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