Is your customer service lacking? Improve the customer experience with these 4 tips

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As a business owner, you'll understand that gaining new customers is one thing, but retaining the customers you already have is a whole different ball game. It's a sad fact that even if you have the lowest prices on the market, or the flashiest website out there, if your customer service and customer journey is lacking, then you'll simply lose any future customers to a competitor.

In business, the customer journey and the experience they receive is king. It’s what keeps clients coming back. Even if a client got the lowest price they could have wished for, if that journey was littered with mistakes, clerical errors, monetary issues etc. then they’re not likely to take advantage of those low prices again any time soon.

If your customer service is lacking, don’t worry. Here you’ll find 4 ways you can improve your customers’ experience.

Issues are resolved quickly

You have your IT department to help you when things go wrong – discover an IT support business here for more information – but when there is an issue with a product, software or your online services this can cause havoc for customer satisfaction. When things don’t work as they should, it’s not only incredibly frustrating but it makes customers doubt your professionalism and how much you really care about them as customers. The solution is to ensure that any issues are dealt with and resolved as quickly as possible. Online support, replacement products, swift and genuine apologies and ensuring that the issue won’t happen again is the best way to guarantee customers enjoy their experience with you, even if there have been teething problems. A great way to provide quick support is via live chat and dedicated customer support software, visit Messagely for more information on how this can help.

Give them a chance to provide feedback

Giving your customers a platform to air their voice and give their opinion on where things went right and where things can be improved demonstrates that you genuinely care for the satisfaction of your clients. This can be done through telephone or email surveys, through online survey sites such as Feefo or Trustpilot and of course through Google and social media. Feedback of any kind is valuable to you as a business, as this is the best way to see what your customers really want and how they view your business, giving you the initiative to make changes.

Take full advantage of social media

Studies have shown that customers prefer the personal, human touch. So where possible, tone down your automated FAQs, your automated email replies and instead make them feel valued. Having contact with an actual person plays a vital part in the customer journey. So ensure that your social media presence is strong, your staff actively use first names and treat each client as an individual and respond to them as promptly as possible!

Give your business a face

The way customers view business is changing. People no longer picture CEOs sitting in glass towers and counting their profits. Instead, customers want to see who they're giving their hard-earned money to and want to know more about a business before they buy. Consider creating a company blog, posting relatable and personable pictures on your social media pages and encourage clients and potential customers to interact!