Is Your Business Email Secure? 3 Email Security Threats that are After Your Business

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Online predators are waiting behind their screens for you to become their prey, finding loopholes to hit your privacy hard.

Data breaches, online frauds, and identity theft are some of the growing concerns of this age, and no one is safe from them. We have all been there when the news broke about Yahoo’s system hacking and loss of its over 3 billion records. It shows that issues related to identity theft and data breaches are real, and even big brands and corporations have also seen doomed days due to it. So, it is essential to ask yourself: Is your business safe from security threats?

It is good if you are using secure payment methods, but what about your emails? No matter how strong a password you are using, your email can still get leaked. You use emails to share important information, communicate with your clients, and send important company documents. You can’t afford to let others see your emails. But before taking actions to ensure secure email communication, you need to know what kinds of threats your email might face:

Business Email Compromise:

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is probably one of the most common security threats businesses are facing. The trick is simple; the hacker uses phishing emails to get access to the company’s email account and uses it to do fraudulent transfers of millions of dollars. Their main target is companies that use wire transfer for payments. After getting access to the company’s email, the hacker pretends to be the man-of-the-email and manipulate things. It is hard to prevent such attacks, but you can still secure your emails through cloud-based email security software, like Zivver.

Distributed Denial of Service Attack:

Let’s consider a possibility: what if you are trying to login to your system, but it says that your access is denied? It even sounds so traumatizing – right? But it can happen to you, and that’s where the idea of distributed denial of service attack lies.

A DDoS attack is another form of cybersecurity threat that involves targeting precisely the network of the target so that users can’t access their system. In this attack, the predator uses multiple sources to attack the system, literally flooding it, that it becomes nearly impossible to stop this attack. There can be multiple reasons for this attack, including blackmailing or damaging your business. But whatever is the reason, it can bring your business down to shreds. That’s why it is always better to apply multiple cybersecurity layers to prevent any such attacks.


Malware is another type of common email threat that businesses need to watch out. Malware is basically a malicious file or program that contains viruses and can harm your computer, corrupt files, etc. Remember? When you try to download a file, your email account shows a message, asking whether you want to download this file or not. Well, malware is the reason behind this message!

There are various types of malware, like ransomware, and spyware, and they are specially designed to hijack computers, access sensitive data, or to limit the access of the user to its own computer.

All these email threats show that you need to be extra careful regarding your communication and email sharing. Your negligence and one little mistake can pull down your whole business and destroy your years of effort. So, be careful than sorry!

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