Is UX Design a Good Career Choice in 2021?

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A UX (user experience) designer is considered by many to be an important role in the development of a product, application, or website for individuals and companies alike. A UX designer is essentially responsible for making sure that an individual, the user, has a good experience with things such as a digital product or perhaps a service that is being provided, and makes sure that the experience being had by the user is at the level expected by the client.

UX design can usually be found through a specific agency or business, however, there are also some freelance UX designers who decide instead to work as independent contractors. This will really come down to each individual’s own choices as to whether they would like to seek employment through a business or company or try their hand at freelance work. Although working in the same field, both might offer the individual different opportunities and so it may be an idea to conduct extensive research into both possible areas prior to making any decisions.

This article will look into some of the basic details of being a UX designer, yet whether it should be considered a good career opportunity in 2021 might really depend on the individual and may also be impacted by a number of different factors.

What is the Role?

The role of a UX designer can really vary and depend on the client that is being taken on. The role of a UX designer can be extremely demanding and time-consuming, although some may also find it to be a fulfilling and rewarding occupation. This will really boil down to the individual and what they want to get out of the work. The work is usually done on a computer and is generally office-based, either in your own home or at an office provided to you.

UX designers are usually required to ensure that a client’s product or service is useable by a potential customer and is also accessible, agreeable, and overall a pleasant experience. A UX designer might ensure that a customer’s interests are taken into consideration by the business or company because that can then have an impact on how a product or service is perceived by the customers at large. UX designers will usually be required to sustain effective communication with their clients and also on occasion the people around them, which means communication skills in this field are very useful.

A UX designer also needs to take a client’s needs into account. This means it is not always just about the customer who will be looking to purchase a product or service from the client. UX Designers could find themselves doing a variety of tasks, which is why it is generally a good thing to have an array of transferrable skills.

The tasks and possible jobs that may come up can really depend on the client, your workspace, and overall, who you choose to work with, so it might be a good idea to conduct more of your own research into this area to see what possible jobs might come up in the field. You may find that there are certain areas you would likely excel in but others where you may need to improve.

The field of UX includes many different types of jobs and it is advisable to be at familiar with all of them. Although you are likely to be best at one type, it is helpful to be proficient at everything so that when clients hire you, they know they are getting everything they need. This is especially true if you want to be a freelancer. Most UX related jobs fall under UX research and usability testing or under UX design.

Qualifications and Desirable Skills

The role of a UX designer can really vary, and as such you might be expected to have a good selection of skills. If you are considering a role in UX design you may be required to have a degree, and this might also extend to having a degree within a field relevant to UX design, such as computer science, graphic design, web design, and digital marketing. There may be a few opportunities for people who do not have a degree and yet still hold a proficiency or experience in software or HTML. Some work experience or an internship at a UX design company could also increase your chances of finding a role in UX design. It is best to do your own extensive research into this area.  

The main jobs undertaken by a UX designer can really vary, yet there are some skills that may help in negotiating the role. It has been reported that an individual should have a diverse range of skills with a particular aptitude for communication and problem solving, as well as a rigorous work ethic, and be someone who can do well under intense pressure. As a UX designer might end up working with a range of clients at any one time, there could also be significant demands for them to meet multiple strict deadlines. A UX designer should be responsible, good at time-management, professional, and have good communication skills in order to work well and efficiently and meet deadlines. They should also be good at problem solving, because they might have to be able to tackle all types of issues that come up while doing their job.

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