Is Mobile Gaming the Future?

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Many experts think that mobile gaming is on track to become one of the major platforms in the future. It already represents a massive demographic within the gaming world, and there are new companies constantly launching that claim to cater strictly to mobile gaming. Let’s take a closer look at what makes mobile gaming so successful, and why it is going to continue to be big in the future.

Breadth of Games

If you can think of a concept for gaming, it likely exists in some format for mobile play. Typical mobile games tend to be thought of as micro-transaction cooldown games where you need to wait for “energy” to be able to play, or basic puzzlers like match-3 games or platformers.

However, there has been an increase in more sophisticated mobile games on the market. While these might not be as extensive as some of the big releases we see for consoles and desktops, they are much bigger games than their more traditional brethren.

It is also important to remember that many big companies are remaking classic games in mobile format to allow them to reach new customers. With cult classics like Rollercoaster Tycoon and Dungeon Keeper available to play on mobile, they can recapture some of the love from old fans and appeal to new demographics.


In addition to the breadth of games we can already see coming from mobile developers, there have also been fantastic moves made to bring innovation to the industry. The development of the touch screen has led to some truly interesting games arriving on the market. While it is possible to find touchscreen computers available to buy, they have not taken off in the same way touchscreen mobile devices have.

In addition to developing games and mechanics that use some of the innovations of the mobile genre, we have also seen a rise in bonuses and other markers that encourage you to try the games. For example, an online casino might offer you a non sticky bonus or a set of free spins to try one of their most popular slots, while a time management game might run a playable ad on a different app. There are lots of ways to draw attention to mobile games, and it can be truly fascinating to explore.


One of the major draws of mobile gaming is simply how accessible it is. Nearly everyone has a smartphone nowadays and it gives developers easy access to a wide selection of demographics. As a result, you will find games that are suited to every age bracket and hobby. Just take a look at the sheer number of child-friendly apps and games that you can download for under-5s that have proven to be a hit for parents when giving their children screen time.

The proportion of the population who does not have a smartphone is only going to get smaller and smaller. People might not be able to own a computer or a PlayStation, but there is a strong chance that they will have a smartphone of some sort. This gives developers a chance to reach out to players who the big game providers might otherwise never be able to appeal to. We are even seeing smartphones being developed to help support the latest in mobile gaming.

Mobile gaming is one of the biggest market areas in gaming at the moment, and it is only likely to get even bigger. It always proves to be a fascinating area to look into, and we are likely to just see even more impressive games emerge in the future.

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