iRiver has been a leader in the mp3 player market since they first began and always stood out from Apple and Creative by having  a slightly better imagination department when it came to looks. The new T8 seems to buck the trend however and iRiver are obviously looking at a simplistic player to offer the market with a basic USB dongle shaped player.


Although not quite as small and thin as its market leader the iPod shuffle at least this one has a screen but still keeps it more than small enough for your pocket without being too noticeable. It’ll playback most of your favourite file formats MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, OGG and FLAC, comes in two sizes 2GB and 4GB and its obviously connected by the USB sticking out of it, no need for extra wires etc. Now our info didn’t state what colours it might come in but knowing the way the market is and what iRiver usually produce, expect an array of assorted colours to choose from.


No exact date or price to report however it should be available sooner rather than later.


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