#iPhoneis10 : 10 Years of the iPhone and how it changed the world

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Love them or hate then, the iPhone revolutionised the smartphone market 10 years ago when it was launched on 29th of June. While our much beloved Nokia forged ahead with its clunky Symbian OS, Apple introduced us to iOS, a mobile OS that was usable for the masses.

It was an instant success from the get go, 270,000 iPhone were sold in the first 30 hours and a million sold in 74 days.

Other manufacturers have hit back with Android based devices, and some, unfortunately, chose Windows Mobile. Feature phones are now a thing of the past in the western world.

Contact Numbers UK has produced a great infographic to show the iPhones meteoric rise to success in the world of smartphones, and they have a great page on how to directly contact the customer service centre for Apple.

There are some great facts in the graphic, the original iPhone cost just £470, which may have been expensive back then, but that’s the sort of price you pay for a mid-range phone now. Nowadays the top of the range iPhone can cost a whopping £919!

The physical specification of the iPhone isn’t the only thing that is impressive. The App Store has seen phenomenal growth and it has been responsible for many rags to riches stories such as Flappy Bird which reportedly earned $50k per day. There are now over 2.2 million Apps on the store, and 70% of the revenue goes to the App creators themselves.

This post was produced in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK

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