iPhone X Face ID bypassed within a week

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A lot of people have expressed their concern over the security regarding the new Face ID on the iPhone X. It has been an immediate target for white (and probably black) hat hackers from its launch.

Apple claims the system is impervious to being fooled by photos, impersonators and masks, but a team of hackers claims to have beaten the technology after just a week.

Cybersecurity firm Bkav says a 3D-printed mask costing just $150 (£115) to make has fooled the Face ID software, which is used to unlock the iPhone X, authorise payments and log in to apps.

In this hack, a detailed scan was required of the individuals face in order to 3D print the mask.

This obviously does not pose a huge security risk just yet, it is unlikely people are going to print a 3D mask just to access a normal person's phone, but it is proof of concept and shows that the system isn't as infallible as Apple claim.

Apples' claims stated that Face ID had a one in a million chance of another person being able to unlock it and that it had stress-tested the technology using silicone masks made by Hollywood studios.

Face ID is still proving to be more secure than some of the facial recognition options in Android, which have been fooled with just photos in the past.

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