iPhone 5S Announced with 64-bit Apple A7 chip and fingerprint scanning

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The long anticipated iPhone 5S has finally been announced with many of the rumours about it being correct.

In terms of specification the processors is a “desktop-class” 64-bit A7 chip with a promise of 2x general purpose registers, 2x floating-point registers, and over a billion transistors – twice as many as on the A6. Apparatly the 64 bit CPU is backwards compatible with 32Bit applications, and migrating from 32bit to 64bit is a very simple task with it only taking 2 hours for Infinity Blade III to be converted.

The 5s also has the new M7 motion coprocessor, which monitors motion data in real-time, with help from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass — a feature that'll work nicely with fitness apps like the new Nike+ Move.

The camera has also been upgraded with 120FPS video for slow motion, image stabilization on-board, as well as burst mode. Hold the shutter button down and you can snap up to 10 frames a second, to get the perfect picture. You can grab one or more multiple images there, which should help those looking to get into the animated GIF business. It will be interesting to see how the camera performs against its rivals such as the HTC One.

Finally the last major announcement is the includsion of a finger print scanner where the home key is. It is a 170-micron-thick sensor with a 500 ppi resolution built into the Home button that'll biometrically let you into the phone. Apple calls it Touch ID, building the feature directly into the operating system. This means that you can use the feature to buy stuff off iTunes securely, assuming no one else has access to your fingertips.

The phone will come in 3 colours black, silver and gold and will be released in the UK on 20th September for £549 with 16GB Sim Free, upto £709 for 64GB sim free. No contracts have been announced yet.

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