iPhone 4 in OFFICIALDOM!

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So what a great week for my internet to not be “available” the week when Apple just about announces all of its goodies for the year. Now I try to keep away from any “leaked” pictures or material, unless from a very reliable source and with the sheer amount of rumour mongering on the iPhone 4, it hasn’t been worth bombarding you with fuzzy images of phones in an American bar’s toilet and such, so now its actually official. Even Steve Jobs made a joke about the leaks, saying “Stop me if you’ve already seen this”


So what’s new you ask? Well the first thing to note is that the iPhone 4 is just 9.3mm thick which makes it 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS and it’s mainly made of stainless steel not the flimsy plastic that has led my girlfriend to have 3, 3G replacements. Inside will be Apple’s A4 processor which currently runs the iPad and will be available in a 16GB and 32GB, yep no 64GB :(.


Usual stuff aside what makes this stand out more than the 3GS. The screen has seen a vast improvement. 3.5” of 960×649 improvement. That is a 326dpi density. The sharpest screen currently on any smartphone currently available. Apple has named this the “Retina Display” Not only that the sharpness will be beyond what the human eye can distinguish, at high densities. Also it will run all your older apps with the same clarity, upscaling the images as opposed to the iPad which stretches them.


The next major improvement is the camera. AT LAST A FLASH. Yes that’s right a FLASH! Bumped up to 5MP with a backside illuminated sensor, coupled with an LED flash, the camera can zoom in gigitally up to 5x and can also shoot 30fps 720p video. The movie captre also now has it’s own iMovie dedicated app. There’s also a front facing camera allowing what Apple calls FaceTime, a videocall feature only available over a WiFi connection


Other things you may want to know. Battery life still doesn’t look great. 7 hours 3G talktime, 10 hours WiFi internet browsing or video playback and a 300 hour standby time. There’s also increased accuracy with the motion controls with Apple adding a three-axis gyroscope a la “Wii Remote”. This was demoed by Jobs in a game of Jenga and Apple are hoping game developers will make use of this function to create better more immersive games.


On sale 24th June and pre-orders starting from the 15th, i’ll post some info on the prices as nobody is totally sure what they’ll be as all the major networks are snapping up the iPhone for sale, so as soon as I have them all I’ll put them on.


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