iPad : Priced and Dated

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As you may have noticed I’ve avoided speaking about the iPad at all! Mainly this was due to the fact I’m not a fan of Apple (which has changed slightly since my recent acquisition of an  iPhone 3GS) but also there was never any concrete evidence for us UK residents on when it was arriving or how much it would be. Well wait no more it’s now been officially priced and dated by Apple.


May 28th is the date you’ll want to make note of in your diaries. Now if you’re unsure what an iPad is well basically it’s an iPhone as big as your head, a tablet Mac which the Americans have had the pleasure of playing with for a couple of months now and as it’s an Apple product everyone wants them(there was shortages in the US after release due to demand, much like the iPhone). 


It will be available in 2 kinds of model. a “WiFi only” and a “WiFi + 3G”. The “WiFi only” prices start at £429 for a 16GB model, rising to £499 for a 32GB and £599 for a 64GB model. The “WiFi and 3G” models will obviously cost more at £529, £599 and £699 respectively.


Available to pre-order on Monday(if you really really want one I’d suggest you do) they will be available to buy from any Apple store. No doubt the mobile carriers will jump in, perhaps subsidising with contracts or a pay as you go style.apple-ipad_1

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  1. I still don’t think i’ll actually buy one, but i’m still ridiculously excited to get the chance to play with one. Apple really know how to make nice looking tech!


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