Honda UK is set to transform the way we look after our gardens with the Miimo, the ‘robot that loves to mow your lawn’. Its every function is designed to make your life easier, cleaner and quieter.

Some of the Miimo’s cleverest features include its ability to follow random cutting patterns, which makes the maintenance of ornate or cluttered gardens a breeze, and its self-charging function – it will make its own way to the docking station when it needs to recharge, and will continue with the job when it’s topped up its ‘energy’ levels sufficiently.

The Miimo may be small, but don’t let that fool you – it’s as powerful and efficient a mower as you could wish for. In possession of two 25-watt wheel motors, 56-watt blade motor and a directional yaw sensor, it can maintain a straight-line trajectory on slopes and cut through thick or unkempt grass in one robot-stride.

The Miimo is handy for the unpredictable UK climate, too. Its sealed inner workings mean that rain won’t stop play – or, in this case, mowing. And if you want to wake up to the smell of freshly cut grass, set the Miimo to work through the night. It’s quiet enough that it won’t wake the neighbours.


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