Introducing Flash Storage from HP 3PAR StoreServ

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HP has launched their new 3PAR StoreServ which is an all flash storage solution offering   the performance of flash—at the price of spinning disks—without compromising resiliency, efficiency or data mobility between storage systems.

This award-winning platform beats the competition in critical capabilities for virtualization, OLTP, and all-flash features. It’s a recognized leader whether you need midrange affordability, all-flash performance, or enterprise scale. HP 3PAR StoreServ has you covered.

Some key features of the 3PAR system include:

  • All-flash performance: More than 900,000 IOPS and sub-microsecond latency
  • Unified flexibility: Block, file and object access from a single capacity pool
  • Tier-1 resiliency: High availability backed by our 6-Nines Guarantee program
  • Enterprise scale: Start small and grow up to 3.5 PB total usable capacity
  • Federated mobility: Non-disruptive live migration across systems
  • Hybrid affordability: All-flash first with HDD support to lower costs

The systems are available now and more information can be found at the HP website

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