Intel’s 2nd Generation Compute Stick Has Impressive Core M3, M5 chips

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Intel’s Compute Stick might not look as exciting as some of the other gadgets at CES, such as LG’s OLEDs, but it is still impressive nonetheless. It is a great example of how far computing has come, it is a fully fledged Windows PC that can plug directly into your HDMI.

The first release had some issues, it was slow, it had only one USB port, and port networking capabilities. The 2nd generation clearly aims to alleviate some of these issues, the entry-level Compute Stick ($159) packs in an Atom x5-z8400, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage with Windows 10. It also includes 2 USB ports, with one being USB3.0, and the WiFi is 802.11ac with a 2×2 antenna array.

More impressively Intel are also launching higher specced chips with ultra-book class Core M3 and M5 chips with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

Intel claims the Core M3 model will be able to handle 4K video at 30hz, and will sell for $399 with Windows 10.

The more powerful M5 will go for $499 but have no OS for some reason.

All the sticks still rely on AC power as MHL cannot provide enough power to them.

No word on UK pricing just yet.

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