Intel: Trick. Record. Edit. Share. Watch

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Intel have launched a new impressive campaign to advertise their Intel Iris Graphics. The campaign is based around 3 trickers (similar to street running) doing some urban exploring in an abondoned warehouse, videoing it with some  UHD action cameras and then editing and sharing it with the help of an Intel Iris equipped laptop.

Tricking appears to be an adaption street running encompassing more breakdance and martial orientated moves and Intel employed the world famous tricker Vi-Dan Tran and his team to shoot the impressive video.

The videos recorded on the cameras was edited with ease using Magix Movie Edit Pro. Movie Edit Pro combines the easy-of-use of a consumer application with the feature-set of a pro software. You can easily edit your videos in multicam mode, finish broadcast-quality audio to perfection or edit even power-demanding 4K and hi-res action-cam footage on almost any PC using Movie Edit Pro’s proxy mode.

Intel Iris is the integrated graphics that you will find in new laptops which come with the Intel Haswell processors. Iris is the top of the range integrated graphics solution Intel has and is the first to incorporate embedded DRAM.

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