Infographic: Why Amazon is an Ecommerce Superstar?

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With 304 million users and counting, Amazon is in a class of its own. This leading ecommerce site truly puts the sell back into selling. What is the key to its success? Most experts agree that the success of this retail giant can be primarily attributed to innovation.
Ten years ago, the idea of ordering something online and receiving it within half an hour was ludicrous. But Amazon drones make this a real possibility for some customers. It’s crazy – you could have your order in less time than it would take to get dressed and drive to the mall.

And it is only the latest in a long line of innovative ideas that Amazon has implemented. Take one-click ordering, for example. How much time does it really save the client? Seriously, a couple of minutes?
But it's proved a huge success and very profitable for the company. Why? Because it makes that sale much easier. Think about it; if you are at the grocery store, it is easy to put that bag of biscuits or crisps in your trolley.

This ease of use applies to every aspect of Amazon’s service, including the various sales and discounts that they offer on their website. With Amazon, you don’t have to hunt down promo codes like you do with most other brands. All the Amazon coupons are neatly organized on a single coupon page, and all you have to do is “clip” them and the discount is yours.
If you get to the checkout straight away, you pay for your goods, and you go. But what if you have to wait in a line? You suddenly start asking yourself if you really need that bag of biscuits. Sure, you might decide that you still want them, but there is also a chance you’ll put them back.

When it comes to online shopping, the same applies – the less chance you have to back out of the sale, the more likely you are to make the purchase. Amazon understood that way before many other ecommerce companies did and reaped the benefits.

Want to find out more about what contributed to the company’s success? Our infographic gives you that info in a nutshell.

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