Inateck Water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Inateck is a lesser known company that sells a lot of products on Amazon including USB hubs, HD docks, chargers and speakers.

I was recently send their BTSP-20 water-resistant bluetooth speaker which is currently available on Amazon for a bargain price of £32.99.

This is not an attractive speaker at all, and unfortunately I would say it is quite ugly, with the overall product being quite plasticy. However this is likely a practical choice, the speaker is sounded in a slightly rubber edge to protect it from drops, all the holes can be sealed with rubber stoppers and there is a handle carry strap that will fit around your wrist.  This isn't designed to feature as a centre piece of a room, it is supposed to be thrown in your bag and taken to the beach.

The Inateck is considerably smaller than the other battery powered bluetooth speakers we have reviewed recently, I would say around a 3rd of the size of the Cambridge and SoundFace. This is obviously ideal if you want to throw it in a day bag while you travel somewhere.

Its diminutive size also means the sound quality can't compete with the other products I have reviewed, but this is not a bad thing, it smaller and cheaper than both the SoundFace and Cambridge so you can't expect it to perform just as well. It does however perform admirably for its size and is loud enough for using on the beach or keeping in your bathroom.

The speaker comes with very basic accessories, in fact it is just a USB cable, there is no plug included, but for the price I think Inateck can be forgiven.

Overall this is a great little speaker, it is not going to win any awards for its looks or sound quality but it performs well for its size, is extremely portable and it is obviously water resistant so ideal for taking outside or keeping in a bathroom.

You can buy it today from Amazon for £32.99

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