Technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years with the internet among other inventions changing the way people live and work. The introduction of new communication systems, gadgets, machinery and technical procedures has certainly affected the working world but what impact has technology really had on jobs for under 25s? Let’s take a closer look:

New and exciting opportunities:


On one hand, technological advancements have opened up new and exciting opportunities for young graduates and employees. The telecommunications industry, for instance, is an ever-growing sector that gives young workers the chance to earn a decent wage around a flexible working pattern which suits them. Not only that, but with dedicated recruiters like CCJM looking to place top candidates in attractive job roles, it seems there’s ample opportunity out there for anyone willing to work hard and embrace new communication methods.

The desire to learn is a must among young workers as while technology has made tasks easier for many it also comes with its own set of instructions and rules. Employees must know how to use gadgets, machinery and systems before they can do any technology-based job properly and this often requires attending a fair few training sessions before starting a job. Employers also tend to look for people with previous ‘techy’ experience, although this isn’t always necessary particularly with a telecommunications role where on-the-job training is given.

Web-based work

Furthermore, many jobs these days simply wouldn’t exist without the internet. Web-based work has become increasingly popular with educated people of working age looking for all kinds of roles in web development, web design, search engine optimisation, social media, web-based content writing, IT support and any kind of e-commerce. Numerous media agencies offer all kinds of web-based services, from copywriting to improving site performance, and this in turn has opened up a wealth of tech jobs.

What’s more, thanks to this mighty invention, many people are now working for themselves online by setting up small businesses or doing freelance work for other companies. This has allowed workers of all ages, including those under 25, to think outside the box, get creative and pursue their own avenues of employment. Thanks to apps such as Skype and FaceTime it’s also easier to work from anywhere in the world while still keeping in contact with the necessary people.

In short, the internet has quite literally changed the world and many people are grateful for its existence.

Negative impact on employment:

Unfortunately, the introduction of new technology has also had a negative impact on employment with robots and computers taking over the jobs of young workers. Compact-controlled warehouses, for example, only need a few members of staff and computer-controlled robots are now popular in factory production lines and such like. Jobs that can be done automatically such as marking multiple choice exam papers don’t require human workers anymore either, showing the change that has taken place over the years.

Despite the negative impacts of technology on employment, it’s fair to say that developments have not made human workers completely redundant as new jobs have come into existence such as system analysers, programmers and computer technicians to name but a few.

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