You don’t need statistics to understand the impact of technology on modern day living. The social economic impact of technology is evident across all divides. Particularly, technology has impacted the E-commerce industry in more than a thousand ways.

In essence, technology has introduced new ways when it comes to searching for products and services. There is a revolution in the way consumers search, engage and perceive brand information. Back then, the consumer didn’t have much say when discovering and opting for brands. Today, the tide has changed. The average consumer down the street has the power of a mobile device and can dictate what brand to go for in a matter of seconds.

As technology creates opportunities for marketers, there is a fair share of challenges to boot. It’s not just the impact of the internet on the marketing environment, but there are tech-savvy competitors to think about as well. Today, technology is playing the role of a change agent. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore mysql backups or go with the conventional. The dynamics have changed and there is a need for every business, big and small to embrace new technology in their operations.

Technology Cater To More than Just Data

Previously, the marketing and IT departments in a firm played distinct and dissimilar roles. These two are significant pillars of any organisation. As a combo, they present a company with immense potential that leads to successful marketing and spikes in revenue. Marketing borrows a lot from the IT department. All of these systems including customer relationship management, content management systems, data warehousing and order processing contribute to a company’s bottom-line. With a well-rounded team of IT experts, your marketing is likely to break into markets that nobody knew they existed.

Today, technology isn’t all about a company’s data. In fact, a business that attempts to compete without the help of technology will flop. You cannot differentiate yourself from competitors who are leveraging new marketing technologies to get ahead of you. Simply put, if you are not tapping into the potential of social media or using SEO elements to grow your brand, you are as good as dead.

Your business will excel in a competitive market if you are viewing technology as an enabler. Also, your quest for success becomes stress-free if you stop viewing your IT investment as another unnecessary expense. Technology should work to maximize the efficiency of your operations resulting in customer loyalty, trust and more profits. Business dynamics are changing but technological advancement makes it easy for you to stay ahead of everybody else. Business management and marketing info systems make it easy to rein in the changing marketing front. If captured and implemented well, data from niche environments will help the business to leverage opportunities arising from the use of modern information technology.

Enhanced Engagement and Connectivity

One area that technology has a tremendous impact is advertising. Today, it’s easy to engage and build a connection in real time. Social media platforms, for instance, are ideal when you want to reach out to customers with news about new products or promotions. It’s easy to target audiences with ads that led them to their kind of products. This, in the long run, tells a customer that their problems can be solved anytime the need arises. Ignoring social media technology can leave your company stuck in a rut.

Apparently, the modern marketing landscape is reeling from the impact of IT albeit in a positive way. The customer can relate with a brand in the easiest of ways. Apps and bots are making engagement a walk in the park. It’s no longer an uphill task to know what a customer wants and work towards fulfilling it in the shortest time possible.

Personalized Experiences

Personalized technology is the other option that a business can use to build solid customer connections. The case of augmented reality is one such example. With it, customers can preview how a given product looks in their space. AR entails more than just reading product descriptions. It’s more of a try-before-buying kind of approach. Also, video is changing how marketing is done. It’s not for marketers only, but for shoppers too. Customized video content will lead specific prospects to a brand and give them all the reasons they need to convert.

The impact of technology on marketing isn’t new. It’s evolving as time goes and brands should take note. Consumers have new expectations and brands need to leverage technology to better interact and lead customers to convert.


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