iMend Mobile Repair Review

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Last updated: April 24th 2017 

I have recently done a fresh iMend review that you can find here.

I was recently contacted by iMend to review their repair services for Mobiles and Tablets, which I gladly took up to get an old iPhone 4 repaired.

With the cost of devices increasing each year, along with increased complexity within the device plus larger screens, it is extremely common that people have suffered a broken phone at least once in recent years. If you are lucky a broken phone will be covered under warranty, but for things like broken screens this is rarely the case. To have an iPhone screen fixed officially you will be looking at over £100 and a trip to your nearest Apple store. Therefore it is no surprise that 3rd party repair services have boomed over recent years with iMend being one of the major national companies.

Unlike most online service iMend offers a callout service where they send out an engineer to you to fix your phone. For people that are addicted to their phone or require it for work this is a major selling point. At best mail in services are going to keep you phone for 24 hours, and with postage you could easily be without a phone for 72 hours.

You would think a call out fee would cost significantly more than a mail in service but iMend is competitive to small local companies and national mail in services.

I am based in Blackpool so I was quite surprised that iMend actually send people out here, but they did and within 24 hours a nice man showed up to repair my phone. The job was done within 30 mins and the phone was back to as new.

It is too early to tell if the repair will stand the test of time, but iMend offer a 12 month warranty which provides some peace of mind and iMend claim to use the very best components for their repairs.

Overall I have been quite pleased with my experience and would highly recommend them in the future

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