The much-anticipated launch of Apple’s first foray into wearable technology on April 24 will mean a new platform for many of the world’s most innovative app developers to work on. Given the speed of technological movement in smartphones over the past five years, the experiences that might be available on Apple’s device in the near future are hard to comprehend.

But here are a few developers that are already at the forefront of what can be done on a wearable device, beyond health and fitness:

Trading – IG’s Apple Watch App

IG’s development team started to plan out how to make their awarding-winning platform available on Apple Watch the moment that the device was announced by Apple. The IG Apple Watch trading app is what they came up with: a distilled version of the existing iPhone app that allows investors to find, edit and open trades from their wrists.

Something that just a few years ago required a desktop computer – or had to be done over a landline – can now be taken care of on a watch.

The app offers an entirely new way for investors to make trades, and offers an experience unlike anything that has come before. It even allows for bitcoin derivatives trading.

Motoring – Tesla Remote Control

This is an app that has only been made as a prototype by software company ELEKS, but the Tesla remote control is a great example of what can be done with Apple’s new tech.

Users can check up on their Tesla Model S from their wrists, in one of the first James Bond-level pieces of gadgetry revealed for the device. They can also find out where the car is or how much further it can go without a charge, open the sunroof and even beep the horn to scare passers-by.

And since this app was developed without any help from Apple, the developers believe that they could do much more. Could a fully wrist-remote controlled Tesla be on the way?

More on the ELEKS project:

Transport – Citymapper

Citymapper – a British tech start up that’s spread from a London-based map tool to the ultimate transport guide to cities around the globe – was deemed so important to Apple Watch’s success that it was one of the first apps shown off when the watch was announced last year. Apple also named Citymapper runner up in its best apps of 2013 list.

As many a city-dweller’s most checked app, it isn’t surprising that Citymapper has made the step onto Apple Watch.

The company has taken the convenience presented by wearable technology even further, though. Those who have the Citymapper app loaded onto their watch will receive a gentle tap when it’s time to get off their bus, tram or train.

See Citymapper on Apple’s app page:

Language – Babbel

Babbel have taken the personal nature of Apple’s device and applied it somewhere new: language learning. Instead of learning a language in isolation, Babbel takes location into account when teaching its user new vocabulary.

Out for dinner? Users can pick up phrases in a chosen language based on ordering food, or learn the items on a menu – all because the Apple Watch has detected its surroundings.

Alternatively, for those who don’t want to learn another language, InterContinental Hotels Group’s translator app can convert 13 languages into English straight from the Apple Watch.

Find out more about the Babbel app:

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