IFA: Sony Make.Believe Marketing BS

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Ok I thought I may as well get this out of the way first. One of the main points of Sir Howard Stringer’s (CEO and President of Sony) talk was the announcement of make.believe (Make Dot Believe) which is Sony’s new group wide brand message.

All I can say about this is what a load of crap! What annoys me the most about this is that they have made a big fuss over it and probably spent a small fortune coming up with it even though I doubt it will make any difference to the end consumer.

I would of thought spending that marketing budget on fixing some of the flaws in the X Series Walkman such as the diabolical web browser they used on it.

I am no marketing guru but I just can not see how this could help raise awareness for Sony products?


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  1. Rebranding is a long term strategy and sometimes may or may not see fixes to current products. What it is is a redirection and a refocus of the company, what they stand for when relating to consumers and their focus on their products going forward.

    It’s also a very expensive excercise and usually will not see any short or even medium term change. Most companies have to rebrand eventually in the face of new market situations. And whether the consumer (us) thinks it’s a waste of money or not, it will eventually have a total overall effect on what is produced and how we view these entities as being relevant to us or not. So it’s extremely important.


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