IFA 2015: Acer Revo Build Announced: Modular Small Form PC

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I was very impressed with the Revo One when I had chance to use it earlier this year. Now Acer have expanded this lineup with another unique and interesting device. The Revo Build.

The is a small form factor modular PC that comes with two core components  the main unit and the graphics, and then other modules can be introduced. Each module is magnetic, so you just stack them on top of each other to build up your ideal living room or casual PC.

They connect to one another without wires, just communicating through a series of pins on the top and bottom of each module

An example build from Acer has the Main PC, Graphics, then an audio module with a volume dial, a large portable HD, and a wireless power bank.

Acer has even put a call out to journalists and customers for requests for future module types. It also revealed that users can upgrade different elements as they become available – for example, if a new generation of graphics is released you can just buy a replacement model and swap it out, which should be a lot cheaper than replacing the entire system.

Overall this looks like a great little product and it's great to see Acer launching devices that differ from the norm.


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