IFA 2015: Acer Predator 6 Smartphone Announced. Decacore, 4GB Ram.

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Acer isn't really known for its high end phones, but it has been developing its gaming orientated Predator brand for a while now. At IFA they have announced plenty more Predator devices and most interestingly a Predator gamer Smartphone.

As with most gaming orientated devices, the styling is a little extreme compared to mainstream stuff, but the Predator 6 hopes to blow you away with some impressive specs.

It is equipped with a large 6-inch display and some huge 4GB or RAM. As well as a deca-core MediaTek processor (10 core) and the camera sensor will offer an impressive resolution of 21MP.

Apart from the initial impressive specs we don't have much else to offer for now, no word on battery, release date or price. If the device is priced competitively we are sure it coudl win over a lot of fans.

acer-predator-6 (1)

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