Huawei Announce Locator – a quad GPS SIM enabled tracking device for pets, children, bikes and baggage

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Alongside the announcement of the latest Kirin 980 system on chip and the AI Cube, Huawei also launched HUAWEI Locator

The locator is a powerful small form factor location beacon supporting long operation and standby times as well as four major global navigation satellite system (GNSS) standards, namely GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou. Compatible with nano SIM and eSIM, the device supports global roaming with near-real-time location reporting and provides a host of services including SOS button, Geofence and BLE Found, a proximity-based service that triggers a buzzer alarm on HUAWEI Locator when a paired smartphone is within 10 meters from the device. Built as a rugged, multi-purpose device, HUAWEI Locator has an IP68 rating which makes it perfectly suited for any type of activity, indoors or outdoors.

During the press briefing, Huawei confirmed that the locator would not have 3rd party app access, so the location info could not be pulled in via another application. The mounts on display showed some interesting uses, in particular, the bike mount looked quite secure and with the cost of some high-end road bikes being several thousand pounds it is not a bad idea to have something like this to help secure it.

The pet collar mount also looks like a great option and it is something that will no doubt be a major selling point.


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