HTC Mondrian : First Windows 7 Phone????

We’ve already seen a couple of Windows Mobile 7 phones on the horizon such as the Dell Lightning and the LG protoype and with all eyes on what Android and Apple are doing it seems nobody knows when Windows Mobile 7 will be seen first and on which handset. Now I’m keeping an eye on HTC as they’re growing bigger as a company everyday due to the fact they’re knocking out some pretty decent phones. Well now it’s time for their first Windows Mobile 7 phone, which coincidently could be the first Windows Mobile 7 handset on sale, delivering what Microsoft set out to achieve with both the software and it’s required hardware specs.


Packing a 4.3” WVGA screen it wil be powered by the speedy 1.3GHz Snapdragon so already it’s going to be up their in the speed department , allowing Windows Mobile to do it’s thing. As Microsoft have set out guidelines as to what Windows Mobile phones require, expect a 5 megapixel camera, GPS and the other usual stuff.


At the moment it’s all rumours and HTC haven’t confirmed much in terms of future release date or price or whether they have other plans for the Windows market.


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1 thought on “HTC Mondrian : First Windows 7 Phone????”

  1. Nice find!

    The big question is if HTC does go windows on this device will it push into the market the extact same hardware spec on android too and let the public decide on which is the better os to use?

    I was let down with the original windows 6 on htc o2 device back in the day. In my books droid and apple are still the top!


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