More HTC One M9 leaks

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There have been a lot of HTC One M9 leaks over the past few months and today is no expectation. It has already been reported that HTC have released dummy designs to try hide any real leaks as much as possible.

A few days ago, the German retailer Cyberport posted an early listing of the HTC One M9 that included a number of renders of the smartphone. The listing has since been removed.



More recently Internet gadget leaker Upleaks uploaded a couple of additional press images of the HTC One M9 on his Twitter account. What is interesting though is that the well know leaker has had his account deleted shortly after this upload so it could be that Uploaks has annoyed HTC by uploading real images and suffered the wrath of their lawyers. Who knows for sure though.

m9-black-back-front-side-leak m9-marketing-japan-leak_0

HTC are holding an event on March 1st at the MWC so we will find out what all the fuss is about then!

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