HTC Desire Z : Desire with QWERTYness

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As well as the Desire HD, HTC have announced a sister phone to the original Desire. Not as tech greedy as the new Desire HD the Desire Z is aimed towards those who don’t want to fork out as much for a decent phone but also for those who love a QWERTY keyboard to text and email than the sometimes hard to use on screen, software types.


So what’s different about the Desire Z? It’s basically an old school Desire, but has a unique hinge on the 800×480 3.7” display that reveals a QWERTY keyboard (not a full one, no dedicated number keys) However the keys on said keyboard can be programmed for shortcuts to your favourite apps, menus and programmes etc on the phone.


Powered with a slightly not as good 800MHz Qualcomm chip the Desire Z will however be running Android 2.2 Froyo. It will also have a 5MP camera on the reverse with LED Flash which is capable of 720p resolution video capturing goodness. 1.5GB of internal storage can be expanded by microSD the Desire Z has N-Standard WiFi, HSDPA connectivity, Bluetooth 2.1 and A-GPS.


Although not as good as the Desire HD, it’s not supposed to be but I love a good QWERTY keyboard on a phone, it’s just personal opinion. Amazon leaked a price earlier in the week at £429.99, whereas our friends at Expansys have it for £454.99. Again the phone should get a release next month on the 11th October


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