HTC Desire HD : All the details

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The HTC Desire on release was hailed as one of the best smartphones, if not THE best Android smartphone around and showed that HTC meant business. Now the Taiwanese mobile makers have announced this week the successor to the Desire, well more of an upgrade is the Desire HD. If you’re considering getting a new phone I’d seriously check this out.


Announced at a press conference at the end of last week, the new Desire is HTC’s answer to the iPhone 4 and is certainly more than capable of challenging it too. Firstly the HTC Desire HD will be running Android 2.2 Froyo and will be packing the same wonderful Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor as it’s predecessor. With a whopping 4.3” LCD screen it also has the usual extras of n standard WiFi, Bluetooth etc, An 8MP camera on reverse with dual LED flash and 720p video capture capabilities. It will have 1.5GB of internal storage but can be expanded by microSD. However what makes this more of a step above is the body is carved from a single piece of aluminium much like the older HTC Legend, making it super nice in the aesthetic department.


Also what we have is the knowledge of the release and the cost. Available next month (11th October according to Expansys) will be SIM Free for £504.99. However T-Mobile are the first to announce that they will be selling the Desire HD for free on a 24 month, £40 per month contract.



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