Most of the issues on Windows-based PCs are achieved by mixed up work of drivers. We have made a guide on driver update methods, don't spare a moment to check How to update drivers. Driver Easy, as one of the devices among driver updater writing computer programs, was made in 2009 expressly to encourage the endeavour of device unmistakable confirmation, driver search and update. With it, one can update each fundamental driver in a solitary tick and that is the explanation we expected to do a Driver Easy review.


Easeware Technology Ltd., the supplier of Driver Easy, directs a greater number of hands-on tests than Microsoft, utilizing well-known equipment/OS/programming mixes. They have amassed significant stretches of bent in driver endorsement systems to ensure rightness, security and steadfastness.

  • Vendor 
  • Most current version   v5.6.12 
  • Working systems   Windows 7/8/8.1/10 
  • Establishment file size     4.83 MB 
  • Menu languages      14 
  • Driver database      8,000,000 
  • Extra features     one-click update, reinforcement 
  • Pricing free/membership License   $29.95 1 year membership/3 PCs 

Setting up/Installation 

Windows 10 uses its own driver library for a wide range of devices, however, there could even now be obsolete drivers if the administration is disabled. At that point, manual update is required, or the utilization of particular programming like Driver Easy. If we look at, we see that Windows OS users share is 35%, 60% of which is Windows 10, as of August 2019. 

For our in-house tests, we use a standard Asus workstation with 64-piece Windows 10, 12GB RAM, Intel Core I3-4005U processor of 1.70 GHz, 256GB SSD, and screen objectives of 1366×768. Since in our review we take download time into account additionally, we should express our affiliation speed to be sensible. By means of SpeedTest administration, we got: 425 Mbps download speed, 166 Mbps transfer speed. 

Establishment of Easy driver doesn't require uncommon tech aptitudes – simply download a file and dispatch it. In “custom mode” a client can choose a catalog for the establishment, make a work area symbol and make a booked scan task. You can generally begin with a free form, discover the connection beneath 


Scan tab shows the number of drivers available for invigorating if scanning has quite recently been performed and the “Scan Now” button is continually open. For our situation, the principal framework scan kept going 19 seconds. 

In the wake of scanning is done, we consequently get to the Update tab. For our workstation, 6 drivers were identified as obsolete. We picked 1, explicitly Realtek sound driver, since it took up the most memory. 

Downloading this 312 MB driver took 1 hour 38 minutes, and given our affiliation speed, such a result isn't imperative. The application, nonetheless, offers us to climb to Pro frame to get on numerous occasions faster download speed (which would associate with 10 minutes). In the wake of downloading, you have to present a driver in modified mode (open for Pro users just) or manual mode.

When attempting to introduce the sound driver (Realtek High Definition Audio 6.0.8787.1) offered by Driver Easy in manual mode, we wound up with “absence of essential files to introduce the *.exe driver.”Consulting the Windows Device Manager by then taught us that we were by then having a significant structure. 

By methods for AIDA64, we found the exact model of the sound controller (ALC233) and online request provoked alanfox2000 (which is obviously not the official hotspot for Realtek drivers). Before long, we gave it a shot, restarted Windows and scanned with Driver Easy again. A short time later, there were no notices about Realtek update. 

Additional highlights 

Users may see general data about the framework arrangement in the Hardware Info tab. It is essentially equivalent to in Device director, however more useful and advantageous, in addition to it can likewise be sent out to a TXT file (Pro form). For nitty-gritty and exact data about a device and segments, we prescribe unique applications, for example, AIDA64, CPU-Z. 

Apparatuses tab offers progressively helpful alternatives, yet once more, just for Pro users. This incorporates driver reinforcements, rebuilding, scan drivers disconnected. Detached scanning, by chance, induces the ability to scan a PC without an Internet affiliation, convey a file, run Driver Easy on another device, import a created file, and download referenced drivers – all in a particular request.

Settings, support 

Driver Easy settings are easy to use, clear and contain every single vital capacity. Right away switch the language, consequently, start when the PC is turned on, or naturally scan for drivers when Driver Easy beginnings. There are additionally programmed scan schedule (scheduler), framework reinforcement settings, changing catalogues for downloads and reestablish focuses. 

Techniques for arriving at the assistance depend upon the issue – for bug reports the default program, for customer input direct message. Programmed age and sending of framework data are discretionary. Driver Easy urges users to discover blunders by parting with free licenses, for example, 1 permit for blunders in interpretation, 3 licenses for every 3 devices for application mistakes.

Performance summary

In all honesty, the Free form of Driver Easy is basically pointless, it can serve absolutely to evaluate things and to acquaint with the interface. For full impact, you will need to buy a PRO membership. In the interim, here's is the manner by which the application affected our test PC. 

Advantages, pros and cons

Driver Easy is a quality item with a legitimate UI and a lot of highlights fundamental for this sort of programming. The driver database is great and during our testing, it turned out to be certain that it incorporates official drivers from makers, yet in addition custom client drivers with WHQL accreditation from Microsoft. In any case, we had questions about sure of those drivers, and there's no real way to fact-check every one of them.

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