How to Teach Yourself to do Computer Programming

There are lots of great reasons to learn computer programming, and as it’s a topic which lends itself well to self-study there’s no need to wait until you can take an official course, or afford to pay someone to teach you the basics. If you are interested in teaching yourself how to code then read on for some great tips and advice on how to make it happen.

It’s worth noting that teaching yourself doesn’t have to mean never going near a book or other learning resource, as although some people have a natural ability to deconstruct website codes and then learn by putting them back together, few of us have that kind of innate gift.

Pick your language
You can pretty much pick anything to start as there’s nothing stopping you learning them all over time, but some are a little easier for complete beginners to get away with, and build both skills and confidence. It also depends on your reason for learning, budding programmers would benefit from kicking off with C, while those wanting to create apps may prefer Swift.

Some self-taught coders recommend complete beginners start with a solid teaching language like Smalltalk, Scheme or Pascal as these are more straightforward and have fewer distractions.

Start with the basics
Focus on learning the basics of one kind of code and don’t move on until you have practiced it thoroughly and grasped what you need to know. Set small goals and evaluate them regularly. If you are not achieving as much as you’d like to try switching to another way of learning. You could even choose something like Scratch which is good for everyone from young children and up.

Tap into free online training classes
There are several reputable sites around that offer structured lessons designed to help you write your first program, which could be a game, a website or something else entirely. The growth of open learning resources means there are also some quite serious coding courses available to take for free, and these often cover all of the main languages so you get the chance to learn a lot for no financial outlay.

Read free books on programming
The Internet can be a truly wonderful place, especially when it means having a decent library of programming books all available free to interested readers. This is a great resource for serious background study or quick reference checks.

Connect with others
It’s not difficult to find others into programming in online communities, and it can be valuable to connect with some of them, either as study buddies or mentors or even both! One day you can pay this favor back by becoming a mentor yourself.

The world of computer programming may seem terribly mysterious, technical and even perhaps intimidating to outsiders, but with the right approach it is an extremely straightforward topic to learn, so if you really want to do it go get started and make it happen.

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