How To Start a Gaming Company: 6 Reasons Why Right Now Is the Best Time

Remember the days when the cubic 3D models of Cloud Strife and the rest of the characters from Final Fantasy 7 were the Next-Gen graphics, and everyone was mind blown with how awesome these characters looked?

Well, video games have come a long way now, and surprisingly, the video game industry has thrived well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the rise of gaming software development, the videogame industry has become one of the giants for startups. With the rise of the mobile gaming platform, anyone can play anytime and anywhere. With the ongoing pandemic, people have been in lockdown/quarantined because of the virus, and people have turned to video games to save themselves from boredom.

Because of the pandemic, launching a gaming startup has become a new trend and could be one of the most successful businesses of the decade. With that, here are six reasons why now is the best time to launch your very own gaming startup.

Quarantine forces people to play video games.

Almost everyone experienced the gruesome lockdown last 2020. Businesses were closed, people lost their jobs, the streets are empty, and everything was just so grim. It’s like straight out of a zombie movie. Because of this lockdown, people, be it gamers or non-gamers, have been introduced to playing video games to keep themselves occupied.

If you were to create a videogame startup, now is the perfect time to grab this opportunity.

E-sports is now as big as NBA.

E-sports has grown as big as the NBA now, thanks to gamers worldwide. E-sports have dramatically influenced the video game industry’s growth throughout the years, and because of this, the number of people who play video games has increased. Since more people play video games now, expect that there may be more possible patrons for your gaming startup.

People can connect with video games.

Video games are a great way to connect and communicate with your friends and loved ones wherever you are. With video games, you can bond virtually and feel as if you are together physically. Since the world is currently in a pandemic, people can’t interact due to infection risk. Video games are one of the best platforms for this.

Promote your startup using video game streamers.

With the rise of video games comes the rise of video game streamers. These streamers play video games to boost their content. If you have streamer friends, have reached out to streamers, or are currently a streamer, you or your colleagues can easily promote your startup.

Millennials and Gen Z’s love video games

Millennials and Gen Z’s have one thing in common; they love video games. With the current population, making Millennials and Gen Z are the bulk, it’s easy to appeal to your intended market.

Video games improve mental health.

Contrary to popular belief, video games improve mental health. Oxford University studied the correlation between mental health and video games, and it turns out that video games tend to promote “enjoyment” and decrease stress hormones. In the future, video games may be a form of therapy for mental and emotional problems that could be beneficial if you start a gaming business now.

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