In the tech-savvy world of today’s youth, it can be difficult for kids to get along without access to technology. Instead of going all-in on a laptop, many parents are opting to buy or let their kids use tablets. However, as many parents have discovered, keeping tablets in tip-top shape can be a challenge. All technology suffers from general wear and tear, but there are a few simple ways to help your kids preserve the shelf-life of these products.

Clean & Tidy

One of the best ways to keep tablets stronger for longer is to keep them clean and tidy. This means teaching your kids how to clean the tablet using approved cloths and materials (generally the manufacturer makes this information easy to access). Keeping tablets clean helps them work better both for the kids and mechanically – a clean tablet is one that is free from crumbs at the edges of the screen, vision impairing finger smudges and scratches.

Wi-Fi Security


Check the Wi-Fi settings for the tablet before handing it over to the kids. If you frequent certain restaurants, movie theaters or coffee shops, their Wi-Fi networks may automatically connect to your tablet when you or your kids visit. Although it is fine in general to use a public network, keep in mind that checking confidential information like online banking or bill paying should be avoided to keep that data secure.

Watch Out

General rules for avoiding disaster with a tablet should be enforced especially for young children. Make sure they know that water, soda and any other liquids should be kept far away from the device and consider investing in a case to protect the tablet from any falls.  Be sure to warn your kids about heat and cold, as well, so they don’t accidentally expose the product to extreme temperatures by leaving it outside.


Battery life is one of the most important aspects of tablet maintenance over time. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your technology plugged in constantly, or seeing it drain after only an hour of use. Some key tips to remember for battery longevity are to use only the charger that came with the product, as non standrad models can harm your tablet or even cause it to shut down.

Other ways to preserve battery life include adjusting screen brightness to a dimmer setting or turning off some of your notification alerts for apps. The way a battery is charged also affects its longevity. For instance, most battery manufacturers don’t recommend letting the battery drain completely more than once a month. Also, keep your device turned off while charging, as the alternative could be overcharging and wearing down the battery quicker.

It can be scary to pass off an incredibly expensive technological device to your children. Try to mitigate this feeling by using some of the above tips for usage and generally ensuring that they understand the value of the product.

Images by Mike Licht, and Joe The Goat Farmer used under Creative Commons License.