How to Play Scratch Cards Online

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Pretty much all casino facilities are now available online; there are also games like bingo which remains really popular and even scratch cards. It may surprise you to know that there are scratch cards online and of course they are slightly different than the physical cards, but you can still win prizes, and they are plenty of fun. How do you play scratch cards online? 

Traditional Scratch Cards

With traditional scratch cards, you go to a retailer on the High Street and ask to purchase however many scratch cards you want. They are randomly dispensed from a pre-prepared roll and you are handed the next card in the line. You then take a coin and scratch the silver off the card as instructed depending on the rules of the game. If you have one you can return to the shop and claim small winnings, if they happen to be incredibly sizable, you have to send the scratch card to the head office and await your cheque. So, online scratch cards are a little simpler because they are right there and then with no waiting or returning involved. 

Online Cards

Most online games require computer software in the background that randomly generates a set of conditions. So, there will be a random number generator that decides how many scratch cards contain winnings and of what amount. You will be allocated the next scratch card available, and companies are required to evidence that it is possible to win, and how many of each prize value they are offering. Generally, with scratch cards, you have to match certain symbols, and this will have a prize number attached. In much the same way as physical cards, there will be different games on offer so each card may have one chance to win a prize whereas others will offer maybe five games on one single card. 

If you win a cash prize, the amount is added to your account, and you can choose to either use it again or withdraw as per the rules of the site. There are various scratch cards on offer, some of which are linked to popular slot games like emoji scratch and Cleopatra scratch. So, if you play these slot games, you will recognise the characters and many people like to play both versions of the game. The cost of online scratch cards is cheaper than those offered on the High Street. It is usual for physical scratch cards to cost £1 and up, whereas online there are scratch cards provided from as little as 20p a go. The jackpot prizes can still be quite sizable, so it's definitely worth giving it a try if you're looking for something new to do online. 

Thanks to some excellent graphics, you can even scratch your card to reveal the prizes. If you are using a desktop or laptop, the mouse is used, and you can repeatedly rub over the area shown until the prize is revealed. On a mobile, you can use your finger and scratch with your nail lightly over the screen to reveal the symbols underneath. You would also find on most versions there is also a reveal button, so if you don't fancy sitting and scratching you can hit the reveal button, and your symbols will be displayed. As mentioned, these are all allocated using a random number generator which decides whether you have won or not. 

Scratchcards Online Odds

People are often curious about the actual statistics of winning an online game, whether this is a casino game or an online scratch card. It is important to note that these are purely a game of chance, there are no skills involved, and there is nothing the player can do to change the odds of winning. There are stringent rules around online gaming, and one of the things that the company offering the scratch cards must do is show a Return to Player value. This is often known as RTP  and indicates what percentage you are likely to win. So, if a game claims to be 95% RTP, it is possible to get back 95p for every £1 that has been wagered.

 This is different from the odds of whether you will win or not, you won't get this on every single scratch card; this is a number that gets calculated based on long periods of play. But it is worth checking out the RTP value of each scratch card that you have. Each scratch card also has different rules on winning, so in some; you have a cash ladder-type approach, and you can increase your rewards by climbing the ladder whereas others need matching symbols in a more traditional scratch card format. 

Instant Win Games

Online scratch cards form part of a group of games we call instant win. Generally, these are very easy to play and do not require any level of skill or rule understanding. Things like online slot machines are also instant win games, so you will usually find scratch cards lumped under this section at each online gaming website. If you have one, you will usually be in no doubt because they will play music, and the screen will flash, and you may even get confetti across the screen. The value of your winnings will be displayed in your online account, and it is up to the site how they process withdrawals within specific rules. Bear in mind that adding money to your online account is usually quick, whereas taking money out can take three to five days or even longer in some cases depending on the payment method you have chosen.

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