How To Make Your Dry Herb Vaporizer Last Longer With These Simple Maintenance Tips

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By now, we’ve all heard about the vaporizer, offering a cleaner alternative for smokers. As the times have progressed, we’ve seen the development and introduction of tons of new smoking tools, accessories and equipment.

Among these, one of the relatively newest products on the market is the dry herb vaporizer and if you’re a seasoned smoker, or perhaps just starting out, you may want to opt for vaping marijuana instead of smoking it.

A major selling point is the fact that you’re inhaling vapour, and not smoke, but for our cannabis connoisseurs, the flavour is a lot more pronounced when vaping dry herb as the raw flower itself doesn’t burn directly.

Vaping produces instant effects, which is why many users also prefer this method of consumption over those more traditional ones.

For maximum effect, when buying a DHV it’s important to know how to clean it, and how often to do so. Doing this correctly will make sure you will not damage the device (a lot of times these don’t come equipped with instructions either) and actually extend the life of your vape.

For those new to dry herb vaporizers, here are the basic tips to properly maintain your vaping device.

Take it apart

Your dry herb vaping device consists of three major parts; the battery, the chamber (or oven) and the mouthpiece.

The battery powers the entire vaporizer and many are removable and rechargeable, such as the Crafty Vaporizer, which is available from MagicVaporizers' online shop, which makes it perfect for those who like to vape on the go, since the batteries for these vapes can be replaced on the spot. The vaporizer might also have a built-in battery in which case the entire vape will need to be plugged in and recharged.

The chamber is where you place your raw dry herb and this is where the heating process takes place, just like an oven.

The mouthpiece is the part of the vape where you put your mouth and inhale the vapour.

It’s imperative to know what each part is, so when you take it apart and clean it you do so correctly – vapes need to be cleaned regularly and the chamber should be emptied out regardless after every session. You can give each individual piece a thorough inspection, and familiarise yourself with how to reassemble the vaporizer too.

This maintains its maximum working efficiency, including the quality of the vapour that you inhale.

Clean the chamber

After taking the device apart, you should clean the chamber next and its recommended to do so whilst the oven is still hot if possible. Any debris, leftover residue or bud is still soft in texture at this stage and can be cleared more easily.

After vaping, firstly empty out the chamber and throw whatever is left in there into an ashtray. Then using a small vaping cleaning brush, or Qtip/cotton-bud, brush around the chamber to clear away the leftovers.

What to remember? When clearing out the chamber, be extra careful to work with a light hand, not making any holes in the vape screen (this is a small glass part found between your dry herb and the heating coil), as this can lead to a harsher pull on the throat.

Lastly, never clean your chamber with any sort of liquid as this can damage the wiring.

Clean the mouthpiece and check the battery

This one is very important, you are after all, placing this part of the piece in direct contact with your mouth.

A lot of resin or debris can build up in the mouthpiece, affecting the quality and taste of your vape and marijuana experience. It’s important to remember to clean both the inside and outside of the mouthpiece.

Use a poker tool to do so, followed up a gentle wipe down using a cloth. It’s also recommended to clean out the vapour path, or mouthpiece, with isopropyl alcohol or warm water, but do check the materials of your device first to make sure this part is waterproof.

Lastly, when reassembling our device, don’t forget about inspecting the battery too for any resin or debris that may be sticking to this part, as well as ensuring that nothing is in the way of the battery connection and the device’s heating element.

Additional tips

Making sure that you properly grind your marijuana before placing it in the chamber will result in less problems later on. Not only do you get more bud for your buck, so to speak, but it also allows the bud to be heated in such a way that it produces a more pronounced, well-rounded flavour.

Plus, finer weed makes it easier to heat and leaves no leftover debris such as chunks of hardened bud or thick sticky resin.

Lastly, do charge your dry berb vaporiser properly and do not use is whilst charging whatever you do. A DHV only requires charging when it’s low, so don’t charge it when the battery is halfway unless absolutely necessary.

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